Friday, November 19, 2010

Color the Kitchen

Adding a splash of color to the kitchen can brighten dreary mornings and create a fun atmosphere for entertaining. Here are some great exmaples, from brave and bold to suttle and timeless...

an all white background and the soft blue stands out

green and white - tile adds a pop of color

opposite - green cabinets, white tile

the soft sea green is so soothing but check out those refrigerator panels -
who ever thought a fridge could be so beautiful!

keeping the color just on a few elements - a red island stands out

another soft blue and white

soft colors and coordinating dinnerware on display

blue countertops...  now that's bold

 pillows and bar stools are a less permanent source of color

a pop of color with plates for a timeless look

another timeless colorful kitchen

be brave and cheerful

or just be brave with reptile skin cabinets... can you tell this room is a kitchen? See more from Elle Decor

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

2011 color trends

Sherwin Williams colormix 2011 shows us how the environment, travel, economy and media effect the world of design... see which one is more you...

1. The disorganized traveler - people who love to travel and collect unique crafts and works of art, I see it all the time, usually these fabulous things are hidden away in a dusty box. Pull out that eclectic mix because the color trends are all over the place too - bright and bold and muddy, oh my!...


2. The flea market shopper - Soft, refreshing neutrals soothe the mind during hard times. Remember grandmothers house, cake frosting, old books, maps and anything vintage...

3. The spontaneous self-expressionist - inspired by the art of graffiti, big city living, technology and entertainment (especially Alice in Wonderland and Avatar)...


4. Love of Luxury. It is becoming more soft, elegant, comfortable rather than over-polished and glitzy. Things that are handmade, hand-painted and linen...

Find out more about the Sherwin Williams 2011 color forecast here